Sponsorship Program

At MyParamed™, we give back to our clients in a big way. Not only do we provide unparalleled service and professionalism on every exam, but we now offer guaranteed sponsorship dollars to our clients.

From your first exam order with us, we begin budgeting sponsorship dollars that support you and your office. Last year, a few of the events we sponsored for our clients included:

  • A golf tournament
  • A yearly kick-off event
  • An office training program
  • An award banquet
  • And much, much more...

With MyParamed, our commitment is not just talk. In fact, we show you the funds we have budgeted for your agency right on your home page.

So give us a try, and be sure to speak with our nearest office manager about this exciting program!

*Agents previously involved in IPS' Frequent Exam Program will find their program points converted to Sponsorship Dollars for company events. For further information, please contact your local MyParamed Office.

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