MyParamed, Inc. Terms of Usage

This is a legal contract. Whether signed or unsigned, all registered agents, MYPARAMED examiners, and any other authorized user of this site-hereafter collectively referred to as "members"-agree to be bound by these terms. Any member who does not agree to be bound by these terms should immediately stop using the account and contact MYPARAMED to cancel.

Members agree to obey any applicable local, state and/or federal laws pertaining to their internet access and use of these services. The member agrees not to use these services to conduct any activity, which may violate these laws.

MYPARAMED is a private company and reserves the right to prohibit and/or remove any member who violates one or more of these laws. Prohibition and removal of members is performed at the sole discretion of MYPARAMED personnel. Members will be notified by mail or email within two (2) business days of this proceeding.

MYPARAMED reserves the right to release member or client information to comply with an investigation by corporate or legal investigators into any activity that violates these terms. Additionally, MYPARAMED may report such activity to the proper authorities.

All written information contained on this site is copyrighted by MYPARAMED. Members agree not to use this material for their own purposes without first receiving consent from appropriate MYPARAMED personnel.

Please direct all questions regarding MYPARAMED's terms of usage to MYPARAMED's corporate office at 800-379-0952.

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